Gregory G.R. Fundraiser

Gregory has stage 4 Liver cancer and we are hosting this run to relieve him and his family from the financial burden it has caused.



August the 29th. Rain or shine.

Kickstands up at 12



Starting at Knuckleheads in Jerome, PA. then heading to the Eastend Tavern in Berlin, from there Hillbilly Tavern, then The Ally in Central City, PA. with the final stop being the Machine Gun Preacher shop for an after party.


Types of funding

$20 for a single rider, $25 for couples.

T-shirts will be available for the run at $20 per shirt.



All procedes will go towards medical and funeral expenses.



My name is Gregory B. Rector, I started down this road of what we call life in December 9th, 1957. I was born to Patricia and Charles Rector and have two sisters Theresa and Deborah. My father died September 6, 1960. My mother remarried Joseph “Blackie” Flori December 16th, 1965, and has a brother Joseph Flori. I graduated Windber Area High School in 1976. I was in the Air Force and came home because my mother became ill with kidney disease and required a kidney transplant. Mother lived with a transplant for 11 years and died December 6, 1990. I was married to Saundra Maggs who gave me two wonderful children Angela Rector-Thomas and Jeffrey Rector. I have worked in the cable industry as a lineman all over the East Coast. I have done home remodeling and worked for several contractors on the East Coast as well. I have rode many motorcycles including Honda’s, Yamaha’s, and Harley motorcycles throughout my life. Nothing is better than going down the road with the wind in your hair and the feeling of freedom. I lose that freedom because my family received a call on March 1st, 2018 at 5:35AM from Conemaugh Hospital that I was found frozen on the road and hypothermia had set in, I also had a Subdural Hematoma that required a Craniectomy. I was warmed back to normal temperature and was operated on. I was in the trauma unit at Conemaugh and not expected to return to being “normal”, but through the grace of God, many prayers from my family and friends, and the miraculous work of the team of doctors and nurses at Conemaugh Hospital, I recovered enough in nine days to walk out of the hospital to my “new normal” life. In April, 2019, I was thrown yet another obstacle in the road of life to overcome… Cancer, yes Cancer, which started as liver cancer. I went through treatment at UPMC Pittsburgh Presbyterian Hospital and Dr. Ibrahim Sbeitan, in Johnstown, PA. I was doing well and was placed on the liver transplant list last year. Well as life would have it, I had a Pet scan done in March of this year to find that the treatments had stopped working and the blood vessels found a way to “kick start” it’s tumor growth and I am no longer eligible to receive a liver transplant. I have now been found to be in Stage 4 liver cancer with Hepatocellular Carcinoma that is metastatic to the lymph nodes. I am in the fight of my life and I will fight as long as I can down this road on which I call “MY LIFE”.


  • T-Shirts may be purchased through mail.
  • Address: 1107 Cushon Street Johnstown, PA 15902

All questions may be directed towards:

  • Darren: 814-233-8245
  • Deborah Yarbinitz: 814-485-3787
  • Jeffrey Rector: 814-233-7749
  • Theresa: